It takes a ton of time to reasonably rebut all the preposterous proclamations on the internet. This site is an attempt to bring together sane, data-based responses to claims your friends and family are spouting, but in a way that brings them around to seeing facts, not attacking them.

If you try to engage with folks, and understand more where they are coming from you are much more likely to get them to see that you are both on the same side.

It is incredibly difficult not respond to "You hate 'Murica!" with "Nuh-uh, you do!" but we believe it is an essential path to bringing everyone together to stop the violent agreement that has become too rampant in this country.

DISCLAIMER: yes this is a site focused on the United States as that seems to be the greatest hotbed of this sentiment, and the culture we are familiar with, but if you are interested in fleshing out similar ripostes in your native tongue and/or for your native culture, please reach out and we would be happy to create a landing place for you as well.